In a post independent Namibia, the youth should always be in a position whereby they can secure their own financial prosperity and contribute to social change. However, despite their importance, millennials often face hurdles on a daily basis, with their energy still not being channelled to achieve optimal results. Herman Munghanya, owner of 25 Contractors cc, is in agreement with this view. Munghanya further states, that with support from both the public and private local sector, SME’s are more likely to provide that opportunity for the youth to move ahead and effectively contribute to the economy.

Founded in February 2016, 25 Contractors provides building maintenance and furnishing services. At a regular monthly fee, Munghanya and his team provide a wide range of maintenance service including electrical services, tiling services, plumbing, as well as creating pellet furniture for households. Providing this service comes with a twist. The reason for this is because, while 25 Contractor’s vision is to provide a quality service, it should run concurrently with equipping interns who had completed their training at the Kayec Vocational Training Centre, with practical industrial skills and, contribute to Namibia’s efforts of achieving sustainable economic growth. “When the youth are equipped with essential skills, they can utilise them to invest in their future. It will in-turn contribute to improve their employability, which will ultimately contribute to Namibia’s sustainability”, says Munghanya.

The young social entrepreneur, Mr Munghanya, was fortunate enough to have been selected as a participant for the Entrepreneurship Training Programme, which was implemented by Team Namibia and financed by the Embassy of Finland. The objective of the training was to improve the operations of Katutura-based SME’s by providing the owners with proficient business skills. On the grounds of this, participating SME’s are more likely to run profitable businesses by providing quality products and services aligned with the needs of the market.

Given that, the need to empower youth for a better tomorrow is connected both to their financial well-being as well to optimal standards of living, Munghanya’s perspective remains significant. On the same wavelength, Bärbel Kirchner, Account Director of Team Namibia says “There is a high rate of youth unemployment in Namibia. It is important that they are productively engaged. Entrepreneurship training and supporting the youth in setting up their own business, considering the needs of the market, provides an opportunity for the youth to create a sustainable living. In the spirit of Uumkumwe (collaboration) – Team Namibia’s mantra, we should do everything possible to support each other and buy from each other”.

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