Team Namibia, the member-based organisation has the mandate to contribute towards “Growth at Home” and secure optimal market access for Namibian businesses with the mission to ultimately impact economic sustainability. A recessionary environment, a reputation tarnished by corruption scandals, and unreasonable competition from foreign companies in Namibia, have a direct impact on doing business and the economic well-being of the local companies. The consequence of this is that Namibians must act quickly to bring the Namibian economy on to a path of sustainable growth, in order to eradicate poverty and ensure prosperity for all Namibians.

Team Namibia calls for deliberate and explicit regulation that protects Namibian businesses from unfair competition, in every sector of the economy. Despite recognising the increasing political desire to liberalise markets in line with aspirations of regional, continental and global economic integration, Team Namibia is of the opinion that liberalising Namibia’s economy at the cost of local businesses, does not free Namibian business, instead it confines the Namibian economy for other nations to keep.

Trade policy and regulation in all sectors of the Namibian economy must be of such a nature that it supports Namibian businesses. Appropriate and carefully considered industry protection in line with the maturity and strength of the respective industries, is needed. This is across the spectrum – e.g. ICT, cement, dairy, poultry, fishing, mining, construction, packaging, clothing and jewellery production, and others - that have to compete with unfair or unreasonable competition from outside, with the consequence that other nations capture the Namibian market.

Indeed, current developments in the fishing sector are of huge detriment to the local industry. The Fishrot Scandal and the allocation of right holders and quotas to businesses without adequate infrastructure is unlikely to be encouraging to local businesses that have invested hugely in this sector.

Team Namibia is also adamant that decisive action must be taken to ensure a conducive environment to conduct business. Policy, regulatory and legislative aspirations must be clear. Swift action is required to ensure that Namibia creates an investor friendly environment, to attract not only domestic but also much needed foreign direct investment.

Team Namibia, an organisation financed by private sector membership fees, therefore is calling on all businesses to join the organisation. This will not only ensure more resources to more effectively secure market access for businesses by creating requisite awareness, but it will also increase the impact of Team Namibia’s advocacy efforts to secure a better regulatory environment for Namibian businesses.

Bärbel Kirchner, account director of Team Namibia says: ““Team Namibia is here to fight for Namibian business. We need to ensure that our local businesses have better prospects. We need to have favourable conditions for all our businesses in all sectors of the economy. We need an environment that is conducive to attract investment, whether this is creating a very clear policy environment or preventing corruption.

“As indeed the current environment affects all businesses in Namibia, we want as many businesses as possible to join Team Namibia and be part of creating economic prosperity for our nation. ”


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