Why Support Us

Five Reasons Why Namibians Should Support Team Namibia Members:

Growth At Home

Local businesses put a significant share of their revenue back into the local economy - a multiplier effect that directly benefits all Namibians. By supporting Namibian products and services, you simultaneously create jobs; fund more national services through sales tax and promote economic development in the country.

A Sustainable Future

Why leave it only to the politicians to save the economy when, in the long run, we can make a big difference ourselves? By simply buying Namibian products and services you are shaping a brighter future for your country, your family and yourself.


Businesses that enlist with Team Namibia must demonstrate that they are fit for purpose through the membership criteria. All products need to have a certificate of compliance to health, safety and quality standards, giving you all the assurance you need.

Build Our National Identity

Local products and services play an integral part in our country’s competitive identity which stimulates foreign investment and national pride. Tourists desire a complete Namibian experience when visiting our country – whether it’s food or leisure or shopping. The Team Namibia logo clearly identifies Namibian products and services to locals and visitors – carrying our national identity with pride.


By supporting local businesses, you can help to identify gaps in the market to encourage entrepreneurship in Namibia. Entrepreneurs are actively seeking new markets to develop new products and services. A marketplace of multiple small businesses is the best way to ensure innovation and low prices over the long-term.

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