Quality Assurance

Team Namibia aims to promote locally-made, safe products of good quality through the Team Namibia endorsement. The Team Namibia logo is intended to provide consumers with the assurance of rational and emotional benefits at the point of purchase. That’s why it’s important to demonstrate that Team Namibia products and services are in fact fit for purpose. And this is done by means of conformity assessment.

Conformity assessment is a demonstration that specified requirements relating to a product, process, system, person or body are fulfilled.

Conformity Assessment Bodies (CAB) offering conformity assessment activities for goods or services make use of symbols that are easily recognised by consumers worldwide. Conformity assessments are not compulsory in general. However, it is a requirement for any business that applies to showcase the Team Namibia logo on its product packaging or corporate stationery, to provide supporting documents that verify its compliance with the required standards.

Businesses must provide proof that products or services are fit for purpose by way of a third party assessment of whether an organisation or body’s management system, product or service abide by the principles set out in a given standard, issued by an independent certification body. Examples include those below:


Manufacturing Sector

Service Sector

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