Letter From Account Director

Team Namibia’s vision is to make Namibian products and services part of everyday life. Just imagine the possibilities for our economy if Namibians start to consume what’s available on our doorstep as a way of life…

As a member-based, non-profit movement, Team Namibia’s aim is to mobilise Namibian consumers to buy local, as well as to drive the promotion of the production of quality local products and services. This way, we support the country’s national objective of sustained economic growth, as set out in the National Development Plan.

In a recent survey, Team Namibia investigated what percentage of Namibian citizens’ trolleys consists of local products. In an overwhelmingly positive response, 83.5% of the respondents declared that they would buy a Namibian product above another imported product. The majority even indicated they would pay a little bit more for local products, especially fresh produce.

On the flipside, the survey also indicated that stakeholders struggled to name Namibian service providers top of mind and 47% of respondents indicated that consumers are unaware of Namibian products/services. This clearly identifies a gap for a consistent national awareness campaign to help identify Namibian products and services and educate the public on the benefits of supporting local which defines our current focus.

In line with this opportunity, Team Namibia recently developed a strategy for gaining a sustainable competitive advantage for Namibian products and services in our capacity as a marketing organisation. This is based on the following three high-level initiatives:

At Team Namibia, we believe change comes from taking action. It is an ever-evolving process that requires teamwork every step of the way – hence our core value, UUKUMWE (collaboration).

Team Namibia recently launched a new logo voted for by the public to help consumers identify Namibian commodities that are locally made, safe, and of good quality. By supporting products and services which carry the Team Namibia logo, Namibians contribute to keep our economy healthy and strong and create a future environment that we all want for our children.

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