Membership Benefits

10 Benefits of Team Namibia Membership

1 The right to use and display the Team Namibia logo on your products and corporate branding. The Team Namibia logo represents Namibian products and services that add economic value back into Namibia. Therefore the logo gives your product or service a competitive advantage among imported goods and services that are available locally.

2 Associate your product or service with competitive standards to inspire consumers to buy local based on the emotional and rational benefits at the point of purchase.

3 Enjoy active participation in Team Namibia promotional and marketing campaigns to achieve increased brand recognition for your products and services amongst Namibian consumers.

4 Increase your new business opportunities via the free Team Namibia listings in leading directories as well as our online portal.

5 Increase your prominence in the business-to-business supply chain via ‘match-making’ sessions and a bespoke online portal that provides information for Namibian SMEs to increase their competitiveness.

6 Take advantage of sharing best practice with fellow members whether it’s through mentorship, guideline development or speaking opportunities.

7 Our regular online feeds on a wide range of consumer topics feature Team Namibia members on our blog and other social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. We also provide cost-effective online advertising options on our website.

8 Networking opportunities such as free attendance at the Team Namibia Annual General Meeting (AGM), featuring high profile guest and keynote speakers. Team Namibia actively engages with stakeholders ranging from Government through to private sector organisations across all industry sectors to raise awareness of Namibian products and services.

9 Gain market intelligence through our annual stakeholder perception survey conducted across the full value chain, including members, retailers, manufacturers, producers and consumers.

10 Access to the Team Namibia newsletter and regular communication with campaign news and promotional opportunities for your business.

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